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I could be addicted to weed instead

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Best quote from a movie ever.


freedom writers.

Maybe we should talk about art. Tito’s got real talent, don’t you think? You know something? I saw a picture just like this once in a museum. Only it wasn’t a black man, it was a Jewish man, and instead of big lips he had a really big nose, like a rat’s nose. But he wasn’t one particular Jewish man, this was a drawing of all Jews. And these drawings were put in the newspapers by the most famous gang in history. You think you know all about gangs? You’re amateurs. This gang would put you all to shame. And they started out poor and angry, and everyone looked down on them until one man decided to give them some pride. An identity. And somebody to blame. Take over neighborhoods? That’s nothing compared to them! They took over countries. You wanna know how? They just wiped out everybody else. Yeah! They wiped out everybody they didn’t like, and everybody they blamed for their life being hard. And one of the ways they did it was by doing this. See, they’d print pictures like this in the newspapers. Jewish people with big, long noses, blacks with big fat lips. They’d also publish scientific evidence that proved Jews and blacks were the lowest form of human species. Jews and blacks were more like animals, and because they were just like animals, it didn’t really matter if they lived or died. In fact, life would be a whole lot better if they were all dead. That’s how a Holocaust happens. 

Ah, i love this movie.


Freedom Writers (2007)


this is one of the best movies ever.